Wayne's collaboration with Honolulu-based techno-wiz Rhombus--aka Ron Ruhaak--is largely an internet-based endeavor. Swapping files online, they build tracks together and remix each other's material. When logistics permit, they create music in the same room, but they don't let a little distance get in the way. Antique is a track that has gone through several iterations now. It began as a collaboration in Madison, WI in the spring of 2002 and has been circulating back and forth ever since. The tracks "Stompin" and "nipmotS" illustrate the remix-side of our collaboration. Stompin is a southern hip-hop flavored dancehall track that Wayne created that summer and emailed to ron. The Rhombus-remix, nipmotS, with its retrograde title, changes the flavor to midwest techno while preserving the dancehall form. Check out Ron's site, www.slantedsquare.com, for his remix of Wayne's original Jamaican Radio Edit, as blogged from Kingston. Finally, sample the fruits of a Fall 2002 jam session between Wayne, Rhombus (on sampler and keyboard), and his main squeeze, Miss Amy (on turntables and chaos pad). The Amy&Ron sessions have a fun, loose flow to them as they capture some ecstatic and slightly inebriated music-making. Listen to a sample of our three-way freestyle (Back in Madison) and a live remix of Get Down, from Waste Management.
Kabir is a Cambridge-based MC with a social conscience and a distinctive voice. He and Wayne linked up and created a couple songs for Kabir's sophomore album, Fuel for the Fire. An exploration of a fundamental human drive, Hunger merges poppy drums with thick guitar strokes, cool chords, and wispy arpeggios. Kabir's half-rapped, half-sung style completes the package, including some three-part gospel harmonizing he provides for himself. Wayne chimes in over the handclaps. For some choice cuts they enlisted the able hands of DJ Axel Foley, one of Kabir's bandmates (he performs live with a three-piece band), who also provides scratches for several tracks on Wayne's Boston Jerk. On another track, War, Axel's talents come to the fore to provide urgent accompaniment to Kabir's searing interrogation of the US's unilateral rush at Iraq. Kabir vigorously rides the bounceful dancehall riddim Wayne put together, while DJ Axel Foley drops some sonic bunker-busters. Check out Kabir's own site for more from this MC on a mission.
Boston Jerk refers to collaborations between Wayne&Wax and various Jamaican artists. Together with Dami D, a wicked singjay, and Wasp, a sharp-witted DJ, Wayne produced the summer banger, A It Dat, and an obligatory “weed tune,” Highest Grade, a catchy ode to Jamaica’s famous agricultural product. Enlisting the flip-tongue talents of Raw Raw, a young DJ with a futuristic flow, Wayne collaborated on the chant-down-babylon anthem, Anthropology, and the badman broadcast, Ready for the Road. When Raw Raw, Dami D, and Wasp teamed up for the wicked Judgment Day, Wayne was happy to record a righteous intro and add the appropriate sound effects over a hot, Vincent Price meets tribal-techno riddim by Benzly Hype. Representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel is Rashorne, a Rastaman with a raspy chant, a sense of humor, and an infectious celebration of flossin’ In di Dance. Just don't forget that, for Rashorne, Everyting a Rastafari. Finally, we have some of the earliest Wayne-Jamaican collaborations, Like That and Been Around the Game, co-produced with Makonnen Blake-Hannah during the summer of 2002 and featuring the talents of Multicast’s Scrum Dilly, C-Pro, and, once again, Dami D.
Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Scannell is Wayne's oldest friend and collaborator. Recently, Andrew returned to the Boston area after several years in the deserts of Southern California, where he honed his powerful voice, rock'n'roll style, and personal musical vision. Since Andrew returned, Wayne has been waxing up a number of Andrew's songs, enhancing Andrew's home-recorded performances with beats, samples, and protools-technology. Check out God Is Near for some sputtery, quadruple-time guitar riffs over hard beats. Heavy drums and impassioned cries propel Dark Night, while Good as Gold rides high on a techno-esque beat and a triumphant chorus, capped off with a cheeky guitar solo. Colorized Movie, featuring a quirky arrangement--bells and mini-organ!--by Andrew and beats&pads by Wayne may be their best collabo to date. Finally, in an example of one of their more playful, improvisatory experiments, Wayne & Andrew offer the strange but affirming anthem, Sun, You're Someone. Hear more from Andrew, and see him running around with a gun, at www.andrewscannell.com.